Tasting Oysters and Wine at the Source in the Arcachon Basin

Gujan-Mestras - The Oyster Farming Capital of Arcachon Bay

An oyster shack at the Port Ostraichales in Gujan-Mestras

Tasting Table Wines at Les Caves Gourmandes

The Town of Arcachon

Dune du Pyla

No trip to the Arcachon Basin would be complete without a visit to the massive Dune du Pyla, the highest sand dune in Europe. Located 15 miles south of the town of Arcachon, you approach the Dune from the inland side, where it is relatively easy to climb a staircase to the top of the 385 foot high dune. The view from the top is stunning, with the ocean to the west, Arcachon Bay to the north, and a vast pine forest stretching as far as the eye can see to the south. I made the mistake of walking from the top of the Dune to the ocean, which took 5 minutes going down and 25 strenuous minutes coming back up. Although we didn't stay for it, we heard the sunsets from the top of the Dune are quite beautiful.

Food and Wine of Bordeaux and the Touraine

Bordeaux and the Medoc




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